The Remedy To Cure All Ills

Yes, I stole the title from an episode of Merlin. But hear me out.

Humanity has always desired something. The one thing to make everything right. We found out the hard way that it doesn’t exist. That hasn’t stopped some people from claiming they have it though. I think that’s how the word “charlatan” was born.

I was reading a book and there was a highlighted statement:
“Jesus is the end to all your struggles.”
Naturally, a blinking red light came up in my brain when I saw “all”. That tends to happen when something sounds too good to be true. I questioned the statement. ALL? That doesn’t sound right.

I was assuming that the statement meant:
“There will be no struggles at all because…well…. Jesus!
But in context, the statement wasn’t promising a trial free life. It was just declaring that there is victory in Jesus over every circumstance. I have experienced that victory. So, why did I even question the statement?

It’s because I’ve seen people try to preach this idea of
“Choose Jesus and all your problems will vanish“.
This is not true. Life in Christ is sweet. But it is not without challenges.

My pastor says christianity is not a religious way to cope through life. It’s a life in Christ, like Christ and for Christ.

The things of God are above the natural man’s mindset. He is all in all. When He resides in your heart by faith, it is a relentless reassurance that no matter what, victory is sure!

Jesus is the answer. Always! Don’t be deceived. When something is bothering you, you look to Him in prayers. And let Him fix it.

The remedy to cure all ills, the fountain of youth, the holy grail are fantasies of man trying to reach for something that transcends the natural order. But nothing transcends more than having God on your inside. There will be challenges. But no matter what, victory is sure!!

12 thoughts on “The Remedy To Cure All Ills”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing!
    And we know that we have a sure victory in Jesus Christ and His words. Indeed our deepest desires which no one can perform lies in God. All around us He is the one who can help fill that space.

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  2. Glorayyyyyy!!! Victory is sealed for the man in Christ!๐Ÿ’ฏ

    Thanks for this edifying piece. John 16:33 says it all. We must live with the reality that we are OVERCOMERS, regardless of present circumstances.

    God bless you ma’am!!!

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