A Non Anniversary!

It is no bad thing to celebrate an ordinary blog”

Almost J.R.R. Tolkien

I’m thankful for blogging. I think it is wonderful to put my thoughts out here and look into the minds of others as well. I like the idea that the things I write may bless or amuse someone, somewhere.

At first, blogging didn’t seem like a good idea to me. I thought it would require a lot of energy. And what if it doesn’t work out? I was reluctant to begin, but it turns out all I needed to do was start. I didn’t realize that I would enjoy it so much. It is work but it’s pleasant work.

The day I found the stat cards showing the parts of the world where my posts were being read, I was so happy. It’s nice to connect with the world, especially with my writing. I’m grateful for the followers and the faithful commenters. I’m grateful for the blogging community. I’m sending you all the joy and love that I can muster.

This is a personal blog. A hobby blog. A wellness blog. A good vibes blog. I’ve often been told that I’d have a better chance in other blogging niches like pop culture, medicine, news reporting, entertainment etc. But I love writing about matters of the mind and spirit, writing fiction,  writing random stuff, even if they aren’t as popular. And it has been more than enjoyable. It’s been therapeutic.

Reading and writing gives me perspective on the world and on myself. Writing makes it imperative that I organize my thoughts. Blogging gave me a fantastic outlet but writing has always been there for me. I write often for others, but always for myself.

Anyway, I missed my blog’s anniversary but it was for a good cause. I was finishing medical school. And let me tell you, it was not easy. I read so much, I started getting angry at inanimate objects. I started seeing words in empty spaces. My brain started making machine noises. I’m really grateful though. I had great support. Love, love, love these people!

I was going to write a blog post immediately after exams, but enjoyment o je kin gbadun. Still, here we are, trying to get back on schedule. My blog anniversary was June 7. But it’s never too late to celebrate.

Cheers to writing for pleasureπŸ₯‚

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