Simply Average 4 (Skin Deep)

Perfection is a myth.  But averageness is a profitable illusion. Simply Average is a collection of thoughts based on real people and events.

Skin Deep

I was not raised to be concerned about beauty. Most of my childhood, all I cared about were books, films, obeying my parents and playing with the neighbor kids. I was about sixteen when I realized that there were traits that people considered better than others. And that people made choices based on those perceptions.

Maybe I never cared much about these things because beauty was never part of my upbringing. It was a given; something that just is and does not need to be discussed. I wasn’t raised to please the world in the beauty way. I was raised to be successful and stable. I was raised with education, ethics, modesty and family bond. It was not perfect but I was raised well. Well enough to pick out what I believe instead of mindlessly imbibing things I come across. I know my own mind, or at least I often do.

It was a bit of a shock. I discovered my own beauty first through the eyes of others. The boys that couldn’t get enough. The men that cursed their own wives as they invited me out for a ride. The jealous looks I got from other females. It is a lousy way to discover you’re desirable.

But I lived through and past it. I discovered my own beauty in a whole other manner. The way that I am comfortable being. And the person that I am on the inside. I found faith and love and peace. And my looks ceased to matter so much in the face of these blessings.

Seeing myself through the eyes of the God who saved me has shown me that in my weaknesses, there is strength and in my spirit, there is perfection. Seeing myself through the eyes of the people who love me has shown me that I am more than just a shell, I am full of substance. I hope everyone gets to see themselves this way.

This series is dedicated to people everywhere, who aren’t afraid to share their thoughts and fears. If you’d like to be in this series, please let me know. It’s easy, just click the contact button. Cheers!!

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