You Are Doing Great

I’m passionately smashing every expectation. Every action is an act of creation.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton

This guy’s life was a mess mostly, but I like his confidence. And it made me think, why are human beings so likely to be unsatisfied about our lives?

I spent a lot of time and energy this year trying to hold it all together. You know, just stay on top of my game in every way. Well, I’m glad I’m done with that. It was more than uncomfortable, it was chaotic. The more you need to control things, the more scattered they seem. Life won’t always be the way you want. It isn’t perfect and that’s not a bad thing. 

Humans are multifaceted. We have several things going on at the same time. And it’s perfectly normal if some of those things are not 100%. No matter how much you try, a perfect life is like trying to write out the entire value of pi. You simply can’t. And even if you do, you’ll find that it wasn’t worth the effort. 3.14 was great all along. 

Try not to be so wound up about your shortcomings. It’s easy to compare your life with others. You think everyone else is crushing it. But the truth is, you have no real idea what most people are dealing with. Don’t kill yourself for a mirage. Chances are, you’re doing great.

Your work, achievements and self development should not be as a result of  panic. That need to do, to be, to improve just for the sake of keeping up. Calm down. No matter what the media says, nobody is living the absolute best life until the trumpet sounds and the Lord rules the earth.

You’re allowed to make some mistakes. Being plugged out once in a while will not make you lag behind in life. Skipping a workout does not make you suddenly unhealthy. Meditation does not grant immediate zen. And stacks of self help books don’t equal explosion of full potential.

It’s great to get insights, guidance, skills to navigate life and enjoy it. But throughout that journey, you need to remember that you are, in fact, good enough. An internal sense of worth is a propeller like no other.

So, if you’re someone who does their best and still feels like it’s never enough, don’t worry about it. Just keep trying, working, praying, and caring about stuff. You’ll be alright. You’re doing great.

Cheers!! 💕

3 thoughts on “You Are Doing Great”

  1. I am someone who feels like I have to be on top of everything all at once. I tried to juggle everything, to be the best at everything. Yes, I did not succeed, instead I had to realize that I’m doing the best that I can.

    I bought a journal to write everything I was doing right, all my accomplishments and everything I was proud of myself for (highly recommend).

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