No guilt in life

No fear in death

This is the power of Christ in me.”

Hillsong Worship- In Christ Alone

In Christ, spiritual things inspire love, joy and peace; not fear or guilt. Do not entertain these feelings concerning your spiritual life. You may feel like you’re not doing enough. But guilt only makes it more difficult for you to be better.

You feel guilt when you’ve mentally concluded that that you are a bad person. It is distorted because it magnifies a fault and paints your entire self. It breeds shame and anxiety. It can be very persistent, even when you’re not doing any wrong.

You feel remorse when you are genuinely sorry about an action, without the distortion. A remorseful man goes for repentance, he goes towards God. While a guilty man hides in shame or covers himself with self pity.

Guilt does not bring repentance. Because repentance involves a change of heart for the better, not a mental beat down. If you realize you did something wrong, there’s no need to hide, panic or cover it. Instead, embrace repentance and remember that the Lord is your strength to overcome. You are at liberty to do His will and walk with Him. Remember that you’re empowered to live righteous.

When your conscience is disturbed, suppressing it and avoiding change is like flogging your conscience. I refuse to scar my conscience until it loses all sensitivity. I choose to stand on God’s word and denounce the things that are vexing to my soul. I refuse to be righteous Lot stuck in Sodom by choice.

Beloved of God, see yourself in a light that enables you to overcome. See that you’re his righteousness no matter what the mistake is. And that by His grace you can live a life worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing. A life of fruitfulness in every good work.

The Lord is never ever disappointed in you. No matter who you are, God does not condemn you. I mean, He died for man when man was at his worst. He paid with His life for man’s disobedience. If your heart condemns you, God is greater than your heart. The way to rise above the spiral of condemnation which leads to worse actions, is to agree with God’s perception of you.

There’s a voice that condemns and says that there’s no point in repentance. It is the voice of the devil. And today, I rebuke it for you and me. A man in Christ is a man in victory!

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